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Precisions Mechanics

This is Cairó Instrumentation, assemblers and precisions mechanics. High quality machining of steels and superalloys. Specialists in manufacture primary elements for temperature and flow measurement. 

AW Collection

Primary Elements for temperature and flow

placa orificio.jpg

Orifice plates, meter runs, flow and Venturi nozzles, Venturi tubes, pitot tubes and restriction orifices are part of our portfolio of primary flow elements. 


Thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermowells and protection tubes.

Cairó Instrumentation designs and manufactures normalized primary elements for temperature measurement.


Level switches, level indicator and  bypass chamber.

Level measurement.

condensate pot.jpg

Condensate Pot, Sampling Probe, Flushing ring...

The connection between primary and secondary devices or the signal conditioning is carried outby additional devices allowing maintenance and inspection. 

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